Reflections on having a gun pointed at me

Now that I’m in my room and have had some time to think about what happened last night, I figured I’d write it all down.

So if you didn’t know, I got robbed at gunpoint outside my apartment last night. I parked my car, and 4 or 5 guys came up to me, walked by me, then kinda bumped me from behind. When I kinda turned around, the one pointed a gun at my chest from about two feet away and told me to empty my pockets. I told him I didn’t want any trouble, and did as he said. When my pockets were empty, I even took off my jacket and put it on the ground so he knew I didn’t have anything there, either. They picked up my belongings and ran away.

There’s a lot I can take from this experience. First off, it’s kinda cliche, but I’m thankful I didn’t get hurt. It kinda made me think about the fact that our lives could end at any moment. If I had said the wrong thing, or he had had a bad inkling, I could’ve gotten a bullet to my chest and I wouldn’t be here today. So it makes you realize that you gotta take every second as a gift.

I also realized how great it is to ┬áhave people in my life that care about me. I needed an outlet to vent about it, so I posted about what happened on facebook. 20 or so of my friends all commented, telling me they were glad I was okay. It’s nice to know people care about you.

I also realized the importance of trying to see the positive in things. There’s not a whole lot positive I can take from what happened, but I’m lucky that I’m a person who is able to make jokes about when bad things happen to me. I’ve been able to joke about this, and it has allowed me to not have a power over me that I wouldn’t be able to bear. If I couldn’t joke about this, I’d be devastated and terrified right now.

It also taught me about being safe. My apartment isn’t in the best neighborhood, but until now, I was of the opinion that everything bad happened a couple blocks away, and never strayed into my part of town. Maybe that’s not the case. On the other hand, maybe this was just a happenstance occurrence and those guys don’t stray over here too often. The few neighbors my roommates and I have talked to over the last day or so have said that this is all unlike our neighborhood.

In any case, I’m now extra vigilant when going outside at night. I look everywhere to see if anyone’s around. From now on, if I see a group of people late at night, I will stay clear of them. Sure, I’m a little scared. To be honest, when my roommate went to bed tonight, and I was up by myself, I was a little scared because it meant I had to face it. But the chances of this sorta thing happening twice in the same spot are low. They’d have to be dumb to commit the same crime twice in the same place.

Overall, I have to take this as a learning experience. I’m here today, when I could be dead. That means I have a purpose to live. There’s a reason I’m still alive today. I have to go out and be the best person I can be, and make this something that made me stronger, not weaker.

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